The Power of Purpose

Many are facing an unknown future right now. Are you unemployed? Furloughed? Wondering if your industry will ever be the same? Are you transitioning to online work and school? Will there be jobs when you graduate? As a Strengths Career Coach, I do a lot of research and listening to what recruiters and CEO’s are saying. I can confirm that nothing will be the same. But there are things you can be doing for the new normal. First, use this time to learn adaptability, dealing with stress, communicating online, and exploring new skills.

The very qualities we are developing right now in this CORVID-19 are the skills companies will need in their employees in a global competitive economy. Document what you have been learning and prepare to discuss in a future job interview. Second, your online presence is more important than ever. This is the time to get your LinkedIn up-to-date and build your network with alumni or others in your field of interest. Finally, you need to identify or review your PURPOSE. It is your purpose that will carry you through to your next destination. According to author Richard Leider, “The Power of Purpose,” each life has a natural reason for being – the reason a person was born. He writes: “From birth to death, each of us is on a quest to discover that reason and our world is incomplete until each one of us discovers our purpose.”

Leider notes, “We typically bring up the question of purpose about every ten years throughout our lives. At those times and during major life transitions.”

Right now we are in a major transition. Knowing your purpose will help you keep your compass heading north and guide you to a new destination or help you improve your current situation.

There are many ways to identify your purpose. One is to write a mission statement for your life. I recommend the book, “The Path,” by Laurie Beth Jones. I use her methodology in my university career preparation classes. Another is to read the book, “What Color is Your Parachute?” that is re-published every year. I like one of the tools in that book that suggestions writing down every activity you’ve done in the past on different jobs or in volunteer work that you’ve enjoyed. Hi-light the action verbs that repeat – such as designing, writing, speaking, drawing, creating, managing, leading, or teaching/training. That’s a pretty good indication of your gifts and talents that keep emerging and a solid indication of your purpose. I’ve also written a book titled, “Women of Purpose: Live the Life You Were Born to Live” (on Amazon) that gives practical tools for reaching your goals.

When you know your purpose – your reason for being – your reason for getting up in the morning – circumstances like the CORVID-19 – should not impact your destiny or purpose on the earth. We need to creatively use our gifts and talents in a new way, seek new opportunities through new open doors, and educate and prepare ourselves for new beginnings because “this too will pass.”

Purpose is using your gifts and talents to add real value to people’s lives (or in some cases animal’s lives or the environment). If you are not clear on what those gifts or talents are, now is the time to evaluate and write your purpose in one clear sentence. Then take that clarity and find a place to apply. It’s time for you to feel a deep energy and personal calling for your work. This next year could finally be your open door – your path to a purpose-filled life and job.

Published by Dr Wendy Flint

My personal passion is to help people find purpose, achieve career success, and use their strengths every day..

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